Arab Tools is dedicated to providing every right and privilege to the consumers, wherein, in the case of any disagreement, grievance or issue with us, we provide complete assistance and procedures to resolve it at best. All of our consumer interaction and activities comply with the new federal law on consumer protection which is in line with the Unified Law on Consumer Protection of the Gulf Cooperation Council Countries (GCC).

Consumer rights

●The right to be safe: Every consumer has the right to be protected against anything harmful to health and safety.

●The right to be informed: The consumers are given with the right to be informed about anything that will assist him/her in buying and consuming goods properly

●The right to choose: the consumer has the right to choose from a variety of quality goods and services sold in the market

●The right to be heard: the consumer's interests and views are to be taken concerning the development of goods and services.

●The right to be compensated: the consumer has the right to a fair solution for his/her grievances about substandard, unsafe and unduly expensive goods and services, unfair claims, and other unfair consumer practices.

●The right to be educated: The consumer has the right to gain the necessary knowledge and skills needed to have a better shopping experience

Consumer complaints

Any consumer complaints can be resolved within our platform. However we provide our consumers the awareness about their rights and if in case you need any legal assistance, you can raise a complaint to the Consumer Protection Department under the Ministry of Economy UAE. The ministry’s hotline (600-522-225) is available to receive complaints related to infringements of the rights of the consumers.

You can complain in case of any commercial fraud, price hikes, after-sales issues, or if we refuse to refund or exchange faulty items upon meeting eligibility.

How to Complain?

Consumer complaints can be placed via direct visits, call or through e-mail to the Consumer Protection Department

Technical reports

We adhere to the consumer protection law of the UAE and to proceed with any complaints we always provide all technical support. Any requirements or assistance on sold products to provide customers with high-quality service experience never get rejected from us.

Customers Perception

We always work cohesively to create a positive perception among our customers. We always advise our customers to have a proper understanding of the offers, promotion, pricing, and every detail on your purchasing product(s) and never to add any expectations beyond the specifications, that may lead to dissatisfaction.

Customer Loyalty

Over the satisfactory service and friendly interaction, we have always strengthened the volume of loyal customers. We provide our customers with loyal cards, programs, and many more to reward them for the best business experience they are giving in.

Pricing Strategy

Prices and payment policies in this platform are set by the individual seller and the invoicing and related responsibilities lay within the seller. The prices of all items selling on this platform adhere to the best of pricing the market. The decisions such as suspension/cancelation of delivery against the late payment or any other obligations are the sole discretion of the seller.

Customer Service Employees

We have a trained pool of customer care employees who could serve with the best of experience to our beloved customers. Any complaints or requirements that need to get through us, can be lodged with our 24 hours’ customer care cell via call or mail