Lastra Di Legno -  Acacia Black Resin Table

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Lastra Di Legno - Acacia Black Resin Table

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Dimensions:240 × × 105 centimeter

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Lastra Di Legno - Dining Table - Acacia Black Resin


Wood: Golden to Brown Acacia (Origin: Asia).

Length: 2.4m / Seating 8 people.

Width: 1.05m

Table Base: Customizable (One-Of-A Kind Piece).

Handcrafted: Made To Order.

Dimension: L 240cm x W 105cm.

Acacia, one of the most widely species for live edge tables as it has a striking variety of colors and unpredictable grain pattern present in nearly every board.

All the way from Asia this wood is highly in demand due to antibacterial properties which make it highly durable for indoor and outdoor décor.

Its features make it an eye-catching center piece that will daintily be brought up many times in conversation.

One of the best pieces of wood have selected, retaining the true nature free form coupled with a functional average widths upto 95cm and lengths upto 330cm.

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