Lastra Di Legno - Dining Table - Cedar

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Lastra Di Legno - Dining Table - Cedar

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Dimensions:300 × × 90 centimeter

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Lastra Di Legno - Dining Table - Cedar


Wood: Cedar (Origin: Lebanon).

Length: 3m / Seating 10 people.

Width: 0.9m

Table Base: Customizable (One-Of-A Kind Piece).

Handcrafted: Made To Order.

Dimension: L 300cm x W 90cm.

Cedar of Lebanon (Cedrus Libani), also known as Cedro, has been mentioned throughout the history and has stood the test of time.

Cedar wood is prized for its fine and exceptional grain, attractive yellow color, and natural aromatic fragrance.

It is highly durable and immune to insect ravages.

It is commonly used for furniture, constructions, and handcrafts.

Cedar wood is widely considered as one of the best species of wood available today as a result of aesthetic values.

Wide variety of dimensions of Cedar includes lengths reaching up to 400cm and widths up to 100cm.

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