Lastra Di Legno - Dining Table - Mappa Burl Resin

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Lastra Di Legno - Dining Table - Mappa Burl Resin

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Dimensions:360 × × 110 centimeter

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Lastra Di Legno - Dining Table - Mappa Burl Resin


Wood: Light Brown (Origin: Europe).

Length: 3.6m / Seating 10 people.

Width: 1.1m

Table Base: Customizable (One-Of-A Kind Piece).

Handcrafted: Made To Order.

Dimension: L 360cm x W 110cm.

Mappa Burl, also known as Poplar Burl or Black Poplar is highly sought after, especially in solid form as most logs are used exclusively for the production of Veneer and furniture.

Mappa Burl is one of the species which is full of characters with contrasting shades of gold and open quilted grain.

It is truly a breathtaking sight to behold a Mappa Burl live edge slab because of its figure.

Mappa Burl is used to make furniture, panels and cabinetry.

It is often used as an inlay for tabletops and other different types of furniture along with a variety of specialty items such as jewelry boxes, picture frames, mirrors and clocks.

We have sourced some exceptional slabs that have been cut to 80mm thickness to allow extra stability and dimensions reaching from length up to 280cm and widths up to 105cm.

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