Lastra Di Legno - Walnut with Resin Table

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Lastra Di Legno - Walnut with Resin Table

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Dimensions:270 × × 100 centimeter

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Lastra Di Legno - Dining Table - Walnut with Resin


Wood: Light to Chocolate Brown (Origin: North America).

Length: 2.7m / Seating 10 people.

Width: 1.0m

Table Base: Customizable (One-Of-A Kind Piece).

Handcrafted: Made To Order.

Dimension: L 270cm x W 100cm.

American Walnut is the ultimate in luxury and one of the most sought-after species in across the world and is unique to North America.

A naturally small pieces that are high in demand around the world as a result of its visual appealing dark grey to brown heartwood framed by pale white sapwood.

The Heartwood is light brown to dark chocolate brown, making the difference in color quite distinct.

The Walnut wood is generally straight grained, although sometimes with wavy or curly grain that produces its characteristics and attractive figure.

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