About our company

Who we are?

Arab Tools is a unique online Platform for tools, hardware, and building material company and individual customers across the UAE. This e-commerce platform serves as a versatile marketplace to meet a huge volume of customers with advanced digital marketing features and integrations. With the greater means of expertise and highly flexible attributes to adopt a modern business environment, Arab Tools also provides excellent online trading experience to sellers and overwhelmed customer experience with low priced quality products to buyers.

What is our motivation?

Over the years, every industry relying on tools, hardware, and building materials has been stressing out on multiple matters that have diminished the quality as well as the number of business functions. With the continuous experience of productivity graph declines due to these reasons of non-availability of products, delayed response, price gouging, etc., about 3 years back Mr. Zaher Arab - The founder of Arab Tools, had come up with a unique plan that could excuse and satisfy the demands of the market to exclude on these negative factors.

Why we created Arab Tools?

With the repeated experience and difficulties in attaining timely response on service inquiries and order processing of tools/hardware/ building materials, he urged for an exemplary platform that could cover every need on all kinds of tools and products. His greater visionary and years of global market experience have fueled the plan to assemble multiple manufactures, sellers, and resellers under an exclusive e-commerce platform.

What is our Mission?

“To conquer the championship of excellent providers of online tools and trading solutions that facilitates with real-time assistance, expert advice, direct source information, and consumer-targeted and cost-effective programs”.

Arab Tools Company’s mission statement is planned and designed to connect the Company's exemplary sales and post-sales services to customers on the web. The company’s unique e-commerce platform creates a smooth, relevant, compelling, and personalized online experience for sellers as well as buyers.

What is our Vision?

To become the first and finest choice on tools, hardware, and building material online sellers in the Middle East and also to expand and secure a reliable space in the global market. With the continual efforts and incubation of expertise in alignment with global business practices, our vision statement focuses on a global market invasion. 

What are our Objectives?

The Arab Tools objectives are designed to uphold the interests of our customers, employees, shareholders, and the community we live in. We work hard to provide them the best and profitable return on investments and continued healthy growth. 

  • To uplift the industrial interventions by tools and building material companies in the UAE with the best utilization of internet and modern digital business practices. 
  • To premiere as a trusted online retail hub that combines small, medium, and large businesses together to sell products to consumers that would otherwise not know the small business' presence.
  • To create a single platform where vendors, wholesalers, manufacturers, and consumers can connect.
  • To widen the reach of industrial experts seeking more product exposure and improved sales experience. 
  • To provide merchants a larger opportunity to reach more customers to be able to compete with larger vendors with more notoriety. 
  • To offer the market with supreme quality products at a low price and to realize requirements with the best of deals from multiple manufacturers and sellers 
  • To provide customers with more options to save money in the current economic climate and to learn about new products. 
  • To provide the most comprehensive database possible with tested and accurate information for end-users. 
  • To provide real-time service assistance with software manuals for clients and users.

What are our Values?

Arab tools’ has built a strong foundation with values and policies that could determine our success. Our values declare who we are, and establish us unique from competitors. With the core values that uphold our vision of the future, we continue the ethical business practices across the UAE. Our core values are:

  • Performance excellence

Our beliefs and behaviors are embedded in the skills to showcase performance excellence. We always function responsible and seek extraordinary commitments to meet or exceed expectations from our beloved employees, partners, customers, and to all well-wishers.

  • Teamwork

We believe in the strength of cooperation and act the same. Our team always work integrated to realize the objectives at best. Being committed to each other and bound by trust and loyalty, the Arab Tools’ team adds pride and probity to business.

  • Integrity

We build trust, relationship, and dedication among one another in touch with the business. We believe in dignity and respect that has to be transferred between the business relationship. Hence Honesty, ethical behavior, and integrity take place among fundamental characteristics of our business conduct.

What does our Platform designed for?

Arab Tools is established to replace constraints on having an exemplary shopping experience by customers with the purchase of tools and building materials. This platform is designed to substitute:

  • The delayed reach on sellers and service providers for quotations, TDS, etc., especially during weekends or off-days.
  • The customer’s difficulty to get quick access with sellers or service providers 
  • The inability to get know-how about the product’s availability, price, and more details
  • The non-accessibility of the clients with service providers on emergency technical assistance
  • The delay in response time from the sellers on any given inquiries
  • The loss of time, due to the lack of update on product availability or stock
  • The slow communication between the manufacturer and client and to provide with quick sales approval system

What we provide to our customers?

  • Arab Tools – the online shopping company and service provider in UAE, now serves as a wealthy platform for the manufacturers and sellers to sell their products as well as their post-sale services. 
  • We provide 24/7 operational efficiency, AT provides you complete access with advanced shopping features to get multiple quotes from various sellers, compare on the product’s price and also support to get the uploaded or attached manuals of tool and machinery to deliver you with full-time access on technical assistance. 
  • We provide technical software manual attached by the sellers that will help you even in emergencies as you get an immediate or on-time response. 
  • We attached assembly instructions & installation video tutorial for each tool & hardware offer to you with anytime access for assistance. With advanced cloud system support, AT assures you to have easier access to technical support without consuming mobile/pc storage, etc.

Why we choose these products for our e-commerce business?

United Arab Emirate market is flourished with a hundred plus building material manufacturers and distributors of tools- hardware and building materials. The technical difficulties to maintain and manage with thousands of products and warehouses always distracted these firms from developing an e-commerce platform. Along with this most of the leading marketplaces also remained as a non-feasible choice, as they were limited for huge inventory and demands from the sellers. To confront this Arab Tools has come up with an extraordinary e-commerce portal to coordinate everyone in tools, hardware, and building material businesses in UAE.

What are our Products?

Arab Tools sells and promotes a wide range of quality products such as tools, hardware, and building materials. We are continuously expanding our product line to meet the varying demands of the market. All of our listed products comply with the highest safety concern and undergo quality control checks. With the wide network of manufactures and distributors, we are always added with all kinds of modern products to facilitate the demands of any quantity.

What are our Product Categories?

We have listed thousands of products under 500+ sub-categories on our website. Our Main product categories are:

  • Furniture
  • Fittings
  • Door handles
  • Architectural hardware
  • Sanitary hardware
  • Hand tools
  • Power tools 
  • Machinery 
  • Adhesives 
  • Abrasives
  • Personal protective equipment
  • Spare parts
  • Electrical & Lighting
  • Appliances and software 
  • Home/building/offices facilities

Who are our Suppliers?

Our products were supplied by the leading brands and known manufacturers of the country such as Blum, Hettich, Hafele, Kessebohmer and Dorma-Kaba, and more. We have listed multiple highly recognized manufacturers who offer low price supreme products with durability and quality.

What is Arab Tools’ primary purpose?

Arab Tools is designed as a premium service platform to connect and do business in between manufacturers, distributors, and resellers. With the unique blend of technology and advanced business means, from the producer to the end-user, this serves as a marketplace with the best online shopping tools. Producers can sell their products, distributors can resell, and the clients can get timely delivery here. The software manual attached can be downloaded by the customers and they can resolve every issue then and there.

What type of Service do we offer?

Arab Tools is established as an online shopping company in UAE, exclusively to buy tools and hardware online. We firmly believe to extend time-bounded delivery and premium service from the manufacturers and sellers across UAE. Our services are designed to build customer satisfaction, trust, and loyalty. We deliver value to the customers in a stipulated time. The emotional bond framed out of the value and concern embedded with every action we are in, have curated a larger asset of employees and customers for us. 

We work cohesively to add heightened quality and improved client service through greater flexibility. With global access to 24x7365 and faster delivery of products, Arab Tools add a competitive advantage over the market.

What makes Arab Tools unique?

Arab Tools is a direct online source for small, medium to large size businesses to connect with wholesalers and manufacturers, cutting out the expense and hassle of everyone involved in the business. We extend:

  • A single-modern digital business platform to producers and end-users
  • A cost-effective business opportunity to market the products
  • A best and economic shopping experience to clients
  • A comprehensive online manual directory for users and clients to fix unexpected failures or errors of tools and machinery
  • An attractive and user-friendly one in all platforms for tool, hardware and building materials for every business and users in UAE

Are we providing User’s Account?

Arab Tools provides individual user’s accounts for vendors and customers to have wide access and more options. Customers get the privilege to download data or any files for the specific products from the attached software manuals by the manufacturers or sellers.

Are we giving Online Reward Points?

Arab Tools offers extraordinary selling experience that’s why we provide online rewards system to overwhelm customers. 

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